Getting Back Together After a Breakup

Do you Still Love your Ex?

Getting back with your ex may seem hard, but it can be done. Depending on the circumstances of your break up, you can get back together with your ex but it needs time and a whole lot of effort. So what is involved in getting back together after a breakup?
Every love story involves 2 endings: the happy ending and the tragic ending. All couples would want a happy ending in their relationship, whether it’s marriage, taking the next step in a relationship, or simply just being happy with their loved ones. But sometimes, our love story is not set in stone, but written as we go along with the relationship. Stories develop twists with every decision every character makes. When a love story takes a turn for the worst and ends tragically, ergo the couple breaks up for the most unfortunate or stupid circumstances, it sometimes can’t be helped for one or the other to still have feelings for their ex. If you feel that your relationship has taken a wrong turn somewhere along the line and feel that the break up wasn’t right, then getting back with your ex is probably the first thing on your mind right now. How will you know that getting back with your ex is the right thing to do?

Here’s what you should do and think on how to get back with your ex.

Step #1: Ask yourself what happened to the relationship; where you went wrong or made a wrong turn. Was it your fault or your partner’s fault?
Step #2: Ask yourself if you still want to get back with your ex. Do you still love your ex? Would you do anything to get back together with your ex? Re-evaluating your relationship will help you determine if getting back with your ex is still a good idea , or if it may be better to walk away.

Step #3: Give yourself and your partner some time to do steps #1 and #2.

Step #4: Give yourself and your partner time to recover from the break up. Fresh break ups make people irrational and sometimes rushing into getting back with your ex will only make the break up worse.

These steps should be able to help you get back together with your ex. Though it may take some time for the reconciliation of a relationship, it’s always worth the wait. Love is sweeter the second time around, as some might say, because getting back with an ex may have contributed to this famous saying: “Patience is always a virtue, my friends”

TW Jackson is a relationship guru, with plenty of experience with what people want and why, and what to do when it all goes wrong. He may have just the advice you need here:

Before You Get To The Breakup Stage, Communicate More Effectively

Guys and girls have this Mars and Venus issue when it comes to communication. John Gray, Pd.D. even wrote a book about it back during the early 1990’s. The book was  on the bestseller lists for an unprecedented 121 weeks because the concept was so simple, and yet, so foreign. Sometimes, the best solutions really are the simplest.

The problem, according to this book, is that men and women communicate differently. What one person is saying (or intends to say) is not always what the other person in the relationship hears. This miscommunication often causes the perception of problems or issues in the relationship that only exists in the minds of the two people in the relationship. That’s why learning to communicate effectively is so important for the sake of your sanity and your relationship.

TW Jackson’s Magic of Making Up guide has some great steps to make sure you don’t screw up and make it worse rather than better. If we only get one shot at this before they run away for good, better take the best advice and give us the greatest chance of success here:


Magic of Making Up Guide
Magic of Making Up Guide